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I hope you can enjoy the information contained therein, because Health Life is a subject that I really appreciate and want to develop it in the best possible way, during the next posts.

About me,

My name is Veramariah, I was born in Brazil in the city of Rio de Janeiro. I am a retired librarian, throughout my career I worked in the area of research and documentation.

I have a great love and respect for Nature, for our Planet Earth, all the Environment in it. I also value Health very much in all aspects, not only for myself but for all Humanity. Without it, Health, we are very limited. Often unable to do everything we want, that is – our dreams

This is why my interest in the subject Healthy ilfe

Survival Race

Currently our Planet has undergone several sudden transformations caused by the devastation of the environment, seriously affecting the Life of all who live here.

Thus, the tireless quest for survival through the Health and Quality Life we all want in.

We are all in search of healthy foods through so-called organic, antioxidants, detox juices and salads, because its keeps our body healthier, as well as the majority of people already aware of it, they leave their bad eating habits, such as: excess fat, sugar, soft drinks …

Therefore the aim of healthylivinginlifestyle.com is dissemination of information necessary for the seekers of this matter – Healthy Life.

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